About my Blog

So…As a lot of young women today, I decided to write my own blog, because as a lot of young women I think I’m qualified for judging clothes and people style. Internet in these days is full of fashion and style blogs and expression. So I decided to express myself too.

On the other side, I have decided not just to judge but also look on the fashion from the side that (according my own research) no one in the blogging world has ever looked. I have decided to create place you can find some facts about designers, a piece of history of fashion, and also some theoretical things about clothes, style and fashion.

About Me

As my introduction would be the best to tell that I’m about twenty five and have nothing to do besides be interested in fashion.

I love music, I love to draw and paint. I am a big reader, but I also love watching movies. I do yoga sometimes. I love skiing, swimming, running. I loooove fashion, I hate people who talks about things they don’t have a clue about. I hate people who are scared to have own oppinion, and have to ask every little stupid thing on social networks. I also don’t like people who think they can do everything, because  their parents said so.

I love my home clean, but… I am very talkative, I have a lot of energy, I can be really persuasive and I am great manipulator. I am friendly and I am hot-tempered.



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