This shouldn’t be fashion part 1

There are a lot of things which are ‘in’ I totally don’t get. First example is a baby carriage. I can see lot of nicely dressed mothers with nicely dressed kids. Those have expensive baby carriages which looks like they have been cut out of Star Wars. Yes, the carriage looks modern, it shows us how much money its owner has. But I can see at least one mum a day struggling with the carriage on the road and couldn’t get on sidewalk or that she can’t change the way she is going because of the one wheel in front of the carriage. Or the hands and head of the baby bouncing in the carriage while driving on pavement. (It looks funny but I don’t think it feels funny) Do we really want our babies to feel uncomfortable just to be in? Let’s invest money for us not for the others. Invest for your comfort, not for the comfort of the seller!


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